Redmi Airdots Wireless Earbuds 5.0


Tk. 1,899

Tk. 2,199

-Tk. 300

Product Highlights

Fast second

Automatic second even 
headphones can be used

Bluetooth 5.0

New generation Bluetooth technology 
connection is faster and more stable

4.1g light

Comfortable to wear, 
free to adjust and not easy to fall off

12h long battery life

Matching the charging warehouse to 
brush 6 movies


Easy to control music and phone with binaural multi-function buttons

Voice control

Summon Little Love Classmate / Siri 
Voice Control Phone
Technical Parameters
Product number


Wireless connections

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth protocol


Communication distance

10 meters (accessible open space)

Double headphones continuous listening time

About 4 hours

Headphone standby time

About 150 hours

Single earphone battery capacity


Charging box battery capacity


Headphone charging time

About 1.5 hours

Charging box charging time

About 2 hours

Single earphone net weight

About 4.1g

With the total net weight of the charging box

About 35.4g

Charging box size


Headphone size


packing list
Charging box x 1extra equipped with closed ear cap 2 pairs ofleft and right headphonesmanual x 1


1. Headphone endurance test data is laboratory data. Take the music endurance test as an example: when the headset is fully charged, use 50% of the volume to continuously play music until the headset is automatically turned off, recording the playback duration, and other test items are tested as above;

2. The actual battery life of the headset may vary depending on the intensity of use and the model of the phone;

3. The battery life is tested by Dongguan Noel Testing Technology Co., Ltd., report number: NTC1901306SV00;

4. "Upper to 2 times compared with the previous generation" is the official data of Bluetooth 5.0, the performance parameters can refer to the official documentation of the International Bluetooth Technology Alliance SIG;

5. Redmi AirDots can connect Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and terminal devices that support Bluetooth playback. It is recommended to check if your phone has Bluetooth before purchasing.

6. Double-click the voice assistant function to support the voice assistant. The phone needs to be unlocked when the voice is opened. The voice WeChat needs to be in the login state. The phone function is available for Siri.

7. The internal structure of the earphone is only a schematic diagram;

8. The weight of the single earphone is about 4.1g light, and the specific weight is slightly up and down;

9. Three types of earplugs S, M, L are black, the earplugs on this page are schematic;

10. Redmi AirDots True Wireless Bluetooth Headset IPX4 Waterproof Test Report from Dongguan Noel Testing Technology Co., Ltd., Report No.: NTC1903187SV00.

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Redmi Airdots Wireless Earbuds 5.0

Redmi Airdots Wireless Earbuds 5.0

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